A one-stop-shop for the entire community’s needs

Community Management

As a professional community management company based in Abu Dhabi, Three60 Communities is poised to act in their clients’ best interests. The primary role is to understand the community’s needs, enhance community living for residents, protect property owners’ investments and efficiently manage owners’ and investors’ interests.
Three60 Communities create and define a quality lifestyle, turning structures into homes and buildings into vibrant exciting neighbourhoods.

Community Planning
Governance is central to efficient community planning and Three60’s talented professionals ensure that they provide clients with the necessary management solutions to manage large-scale operational communities. The team’s extensive years of experience mean that clients can be confident that Three60 Communities will add value to their properties and ensure a successful community.

Consultation and Pre-handover Services

  • Site plan and title structuring
  • Legal, statutory consultation and consultation on pro forma documentation
  • Services optimisation plans, annual service charge budgets, financial and insurance advice and consultation
  • Pre-handover consultation and advice
  • Handover / Transition services and snagging
  • Inaugural meeting consultation and advice
  • Effective management structure - implementation and management of owners / investors

Strata and Association Management Services

  • Financial Administration
  • Administrative and Secretarial Services
  • Property insurance
  • Facilities and Amenities Management
  • Legal advisory, statutory compliance and registration

Other Professional Services

  • Client relationship / Tenant management
  • Energy management and systems monitoring
  • Service level auditing
  • Capital Replacement (Sinking) fund projections and management

We offer a full suite of services to manage mixed use communities